- A collection of projects by Peter Wirdemo

(Ni som söker på mig och inte mina projekt hittar min personliga webbsida här: - My personal OpenAI-GPT: the "Roblox Dev Helper" that can assist you in Roblox Games development (Requires a GPT-4 subscription to use.) - My personal OpenAI-GPT: the "Roblox Design Ace" that can assist you in Roblox Games development (Requires a GPT-4 subscription to use.) - In 2016 there was a social media new ideas challenge in the StackExchange community. This is an early version of my contribution. It has swedish text and not all functions. The original work is sadly lost, but I will try to rework it. - Neural Network generated images - My music for Guitarwar (later, a 1vs1 music competition site idea that I actually came up with 1997 and suggested to Jon Broderick when I was a member of - MS Excel Formula Chess Engine - Advanced chatbots - Advanced ravens matrix - My experiments with GANs shared with the styleGAN-community

Queen's Gambit - "Queen's Gambit, the guy you didn't count on" - my new AI-game - "The Game" - Old game, development canceled - "Tic Tac Chess" - My first iOS-game, development in progress - That's a first, when these are showing up from phones you don't recon - then it's time to secure your account and change your old weak passwords!
Apple Support took the issue seriously, hopefully I will get a more detailed report with successful and failed login attempts soon.
It's really scary when someone unknown has gained access to YEARS of your private SMS conversations with friends and family just by hacking your Apple-account.
Be aware! I have now turned off iMessage sync on my phone, I recommend that you all do the same. - Marble - My first facebook-game, development canceled 2012 - Furuträd DNA tools - My Y-DNA: Z382+ - Factoids tests - Complete mtDNA tree - top aligned - Complete mtDNA tree - vertically normalized - Mutation tree maker v0.4b

Arkiverat: - En wiki vars mål är att rekonstruera kyrkoböckerna för Tånnö, Voxtorp och Värnamo (Har slutat att fungera) - Komplement till ovan wiki (Har slutat att fungera)

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